Saturday Lunch Hour Concerts

Tickets are £5 payable at the door

for a list of Saturday Lunch Hour Concerts see link below

Sunday 21 April at 3 pm

Organ Recital

John Kitchen Organist to Edinburgh City, Edinburgh University and Old Saint Paul’s Church

Admission £10 at the door.

for a list of all the Sunday Recitals see link below

 Sunday 5 May at 6 pm

London Concertante

A Night at the Opera by Candlelight

tickets from £21

Saturday 25 May at 7.30 pm

JS Bach B Minor Mass

Paisley Abbey Choir with an orchestra of leading Baroque musicians from across the UK

Thursday 6 June at 6.30 pm & 9 pm

Saturday 8 June at 6.30 pm & 9 pm

London Film Music Orchestra

An immersive tribute to Hans Zimmer and cinemas most iconic music with a live orchestra illuminated by light.

Tickets from link below